About Us #1The Brainobrain program has brought about a sea change in the mental development of my daughter. Isha is 6 years old and is studying in first Standard. She is doing her 3rd level Brainobrain and had started the program when she was in UKG. After seeing the progress as early as first part of the first level we had taken a firm decision that come what may 10-15 minutes of Abacus would be given priority over school home work. It was very evident that 10-15 minutes spent daily on ABACUS saves hours of home work or study time leaving Isha with time for other activities.

Academically, as the Brainobrain program promises, she is able to handle the school work with minimum effort. She is able to handling her home work by her self to the extent of being almost totally independent. Her memory and her grasp of what is being taught at school have shown a dramatic improvement. Hence she is able to take her exams just on what she has grasped in class and brushing up at home without having to memories anything. Her confidence in handling the stage is significantly better thanks to the improved concentration and opportunities provided by Brainobrain.

The program has strengthened her analytical and solving skills as well. Isha is able to attempt a number of challenging puzzles and activities. Presently she is able to complete a few of them with some help. I would never had imagined this as a possibility at this age had it not been for Brainobrain.

One of the most important skills she had developed with the program is her alertness to what is happening around her. I am sure largely due to the dictation practice besides the MA.

In recent times, Isha’s has shown significant improvement in her emotional intelligence. She has a very good sense of control of herself. I am most certain that it development is a result of the Brainobrain Program. I am studying this angle and will keep you informed on the progress.

I cannot imagine the mental development my daughter would have been deprived of, had it not been for Brainobrain. I sincerely hope that more parents gift their children with this program. Better still I would like to see schools introducing this as a compulsory course in the primary classes.
I view Brainobrain as a one stop shop for multiple mental skill development with the most child friendly approach.