Our 10-year old has always struggled really hard with mathematics in school. He has had to take extra classes, and he has been in and out of special learning groups, without ever catching up with his classmates, despite spending many hours at home laboring over his math homework every week.

He started with Brainobrain eight weeks ago and is just finishing level one. He just loves it! We have witnessed a profound change in his attitude and skills over the past two months. Suddenly he enjoys, and takes pride in, finding and solving math problems in everyday tasks, from shopping to cooking. He now loves to be the one to add up the sums when we play Yatzy, and he wants to be the bank when we play Monopoly.

When asked why he likes Brainobrain, he says it is because he has fun there, because he understands it, and because it makes him feel that he is able do something that not everybody knows how to do.

Already we have seen a great change in his math grades in school (from always having less than half of the answers correct, to scoring 63 points out of 64 on his last test), but most of all we have enjoyed watching how his self-confidence has grown!

Both he and we are so happy we were told about Brainobrain. We can hardly wait for the next level!