Nowadays the information about the abacus as universal mental instrument is accepted worldwide. – with the help of the abacus, in a short period of time (3 months) fast and visible changes are seen in the children’s behavior and their mental abilities. The abacus is basic device in our program, a tool with which the desired goal is achieved.


What makes the abacus different and special is the structure and way of work.


The abacus has remarkable look, because every row has value, the children can easily create mental image in their head and rapidly but surely overcome any arithmetical task in from of them. a specific task or if it is repeated in intervals. That is why the mathematical operations that the children preform on the abacus are a wonderful mental training – they are like push-ups and squats for the brain.


During the classes the children visualize the beads of the abacus (visual sense), synchronized with magic words (auditory sense), along with certain exercises and movements of the beads on the abacus (kinesthetic sense) to get the answer of the given task.


Through this process, an intense training of the brain is occurring which leads to extraordinary abilities of the children.


In the higher levels, when the children are well-aware of the abacus, the visualization is introduced.


Be friends with the abacus.


@ Author Copyright  – Children’s Academy “Brainobrain Europe”