Playing during the preschool age is the main activity that occupies a major part of the child’s life. Playtime should be viewed as one of the basic needs of the child. That does not have to be a punishment or a reward that is dependent on their obedience nor that playtime is just entertainment. It is an irreplaceable part of the preschool education which influences the whole personality of the child


Playtime is one of the most important activity that you can do with your child. The time that you spend together playing, presents your child with different ways to learn, be active, learn how to make a choice of their own


For better understanding of the importance of playing, It is necessary to demonstrate how being active during playtime, can influence and help your child:  

  • build confidence
  • to feel loved, happy and safe
  • develop social, language and communication skills
  • learn how to nurture others and the social environment
  • develop physical abilities
  • form new nerve paths/ neuropaths in the brain
  • encourage stimulation of the senses
  • develop understanding of spatial relations and judgment
  • develop innovation and imagination processes
  • develop motivation and positive competitive spirit
  • sense of belonging to a group


Your children will want to play with you but sometimes they would want to play by  themselves and there will not be any practical need for you. They might just want your input or some ideas for their game and its development. Also the way your children play games will change as they grow.
Parents need to understand the need for playtime and to create an environment where those needs will be fulfilled.


The content of the game is very appealing and it is a very important factor that enables the children to completely develop their potentials.


@ Author Copyright  – Children’s Academy “Brainobrain Europe”