We often hear in our speech that everything has a value.  Such as a value of material things, social values, relationship values and personal (individual) values.


The values by their structure are an essential component of the human psychology. In fact, the values create the behavior and they are the moving force that creates the identity of the personality.


Each person in their life behaves and acts in ways which bring them pleasure, pleasant and positive emotions and inner welfare.


For every move that we make, there has to be some motivation, and behind every motivation there is a firm value which we might be aware of or it might be hidden in our conscious. For example if we want to play football, we are portraying the value for health and healthy life, the value of success, the value of achievement, relaxation, the social value, the value of prestige etc. Each person can have a different individual value for a same goal


It is interesting to see how people choose their career and if it brings joy and pleasure to them at the end.


Often people choose their career or they work at a place where their personal value is accomplished and they are happy in their work environment. However it is possible for that value to change during a life-time and we come in contact with the need for change of the work place, which always is dependent on foreign factors, but the personal choices and decisions are crucial


Some might say I work for money, but money by itself is just a measure that fulfills our needs and values.


When a person knows their values or when they become aware of them, it is easier to explain our everyday acts, behavior and decisions to ourselves.


Children build their values by the age of 10, and those values are almost identical to their parents’. For example if the parents believe that people are hypocritical than it’s highly likely that their child will behave in an untrusting manner with people or if the parents teach their child not to be rebellious at school, than that child will probably never express its own personal opinion.


If these values bring positive effect on the children’s life, than they will hold on to them, but they always have a choice to build a different set of values that can help them become the person they want to be.


The greatest gift a parent can give to a child is the opportunity for options.


With this we confirm the possibility that every child can become a person of their choice and that can be accomplished by having different and specific activities thorough out their life.


There is not a criteria for the best values, each value is worthy, as long as it makes you happy person.



@ Author Copyright  – Children’s Academy “Brainobrain Europe”