The emotional intelligence aid a healthy and optimal growth/ development.


A child who has high level of emotional intelligence has a skill to recognize their personal emotions, to distinguish the emotions, how to control their emotions and to understand the emotional state of other people.


This way the child has better chances for success later on in life, in the work environment, developing friendships, emotional relationships and family.


A child who possesses high level of emotional intelligence has the ability to identify and express their feelings (e.g I am sad, I am Happy, I am angry at…), has the ability to connect those feelings to a certain behavior, (e.g “When I am sad I cry.”, “When I am happy I laugh” “When I am angry I want to break something etc.”)


A child who has acquired these abilities, could develop the skill to avert feelings.


In order to help children, develop their emotional intelligence, we should present the possibility to express their authentic experiences in a simple way, to help them learn how to solve their problems and to have the possibility to experience unpleasant emotions without being overprotected. That way children increase their confidence and learn more skills.


Give your children the opportunity to take part in different social situations. Limit the time spent in front of the computer, tablet or TV. Encourage them to read. Emotional intelligence is built by taking part in different social situations by communicating with our peers and other children.


At the end, do not forget that you are the model by whom your child learns. Be honest and consistent in your expression of emotions. Talk openly in front of your children in a language suitable for their age.



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