Brainobrain training helps children to:
✔️ Boosts self confidence
✔️ Improve the skills of Visualization
✔️ Increases Concentration and Photo Memory
✔️ Provides ability to grasp faster and stay sharper
✔️ Improves logical reasoning, creativity and analytical ability
✔️ Develops Multitasking Skills 
✔️ Cultivates Leadership Skills
✔️ Develops Decision Making Abilities
✔️ Helps enjoy working with numbers
✔️ Builds team spirit, easier communication and socializing skills
✔️ Stimulates inquisitiveness from “What” to “How”
✔️ Provides mental ability to face challenges and quick adoption of new information


Where did you hear about the Brainobrain program ?

I heard about this method from my friend, who lives in London and this kind of “teaching” supported her children in the adaptation of the school environment as such.


How did you hear about the first children Academy Brainobrain in Prague?

My children are “climbers”, so from time to time they attend Modřanské Kroužky, even-though we are not from Prague and the Academy is based right there 🙂


What are your interests in this educational program?

Generally, I’m interested in new methods and approaches of looking at the children education. I was impressed by the philosophy of Scio school that indeed work in different variations of the school Porgy and ultimately Waldorf School. Every journey at whose end is a little man, who is looking forward to the school or course is wonderful. Brainobrain program combines proven methods, it is not infinite “Democracy” in education, but the basis is formed by a system of incentives, who is very creative and flexible and entertain children and mental improvement. When I think the methods from my childhood, I just envy quietly.


What additional values do you see from this children’s academy?

Certainly in the age range. As our family is from 4 to 14 years old 🙂




Brainobrain course content includes:
✔️ Advanced Abacus
✔️ Mental Arithmetic
✔️ Numeracy and Literal Activities
✔️ Handwriting and Vocabulary
✔️ Origami and Art
✔️ Neurobics Exercises
✔️ Mental Gymnastics
✔️ Brainstorming and Puzzles
✔️ Experiments with Nature
✔️ Rhymes and Rhythmic Intelligence
✔️ Curiosity Reading and Story Formation