What results can you expect from the programme?

  • Concentration and focus
  • Improved memory skills
  • Imagination and creativity in everyday challenges
  • Speed and accuracy, conscious following of contemporary issues
  • Above average numerical skills
  • Leadership, decision-making, confidence, etc.



What is the purpose of Brainobrain Programme?

The Purpose of Brainobrain Programme is to help children to achieve whole brain development i.e., to be able to use both sides of their brain. Usually we all are either left brain dominated or right brain dominated. We mostly use only one side of the brain.

Studies around the world in brain development shows that any individual who are able to use both sides of their brain will be able to tap their resources to the maximum potential and hence will remain intelligent for life. They will be successful and highly competent in all spheres of life. It is a valuable gift that, as parents, we can offer to our children! You can be one among thousands of proud parents

Brainobrain trains children to use both sides of their brain by offering exercises to sharpen both their logical and creative brains simultaneously.

It is important to be observant parents, so that you may notice your child’s development to support them accordingly! You could see them acquire valuable skill sets outdoing their peers, becoming toppers at school as well as moving ahead in all round development!



Dynamics of the program?

  • 10–12 levels (12 for Little Bobs) – each runs for 10 sessions (3-4 months, depends on holidays)
  • Once a week for 2 hours (120 min) without breaks
  • After each levels the children have a test and get internationally valid degree
  • Each group has 8-15 children and has individual approach towards each child
  • It is intended for children from 4 to 14 years of age who can answer simple questions, move abacus beads, can count to 10 and can copy simple symbols or drawings

After every 3 months, the child moves up to the next level. All children irrespective of their age they enroll in to the 1st level and as they finish the 1st level in 3 months and they go on to the 2nd level.
So by the end of 30 months your child would have completed the entire 10 levels and you will be amazed to see his performance and the empowerment that your child has acquired after every level.



Is the programme intended for all children?

The programme is intended for all children with normal physical, emotional and mental development. It is intended also for children who are highly intelligent and are excellent in mathematics.



When is my child eligible ?

There are a few simple criteria. They are


Brainobrain is for children from 4- 14 years. They can join at any age between 4 to 14 years. Of course the younger it is better!


Your child should know to recite and write numbers from 1 to 10. They should have started writing letters of the Alphabet. They should be able to copy simple words from the teacher’s writing. Of course we will assist them in the process.


Your child should be able understand and respond to simple sentences and communication that we use in our day to day life like, “what is your name?”, “what did you have for breakfast?”, “what is your father’s name, mother’s name?” etc.



Are there any other obligations?

Children are asked to practice at home daily for 15 minutes and must attend the classes regularly. The home exercise needs to be carried our properly, moving the beads and saying magic words. In case of sickness or other possible occurrences that will prevent children from attending the class, replacement classes can be arranged on individual basis, based on agreement with parents.



How can my child get the best out of Brainobrain?

The most important thing is ‘Daily Practice’. Brainobrain is a Skill Development Programme. It is mandatory that your child does 15 minutes of Brainobrain practice every day at home, apart from attending her Brainobrain class for
2 hours every week. We will be giving certain exercises and activities. They are supposed to be done on a daily basis as advised by the teacher, in the Brainobrain method.

As you support your child to do daily practice, you can be assured of an enriching experience.



What is the role of parents in the programme?

The first role for parents is to understand the importance of the programme for their children. Parents play an important role, especially in the first and second level when children need to be motivated and encouraged at home in order to practice regularly every day. Without regular daily practice of up to 15 minutes the results of the program will not be reached, in which case it is better not to enroll in order not to be disappointed.



As a parent what is my role?

Your support is a crucial factor to really get the best out of this programme. Only with your participation wonderful results can be achieved. And that’s true about everything, with your child.

We really want to ask you this question, as you are about to enroll your child with Brainobrain – ‘Are you really committed as a parent to make a difference?” If the answer is ‘Yes’, then we really welcome you. Today, Brainobrain has become a turning point in more than 50,000 families Worldwide and that is because of parents who really want the best for their children!

• You may visit the Brainobrain center on a regular basis to interact with the teacher to know about your child’s performance.

• You can see your child’s books after every session and assist them in their daily practice.

• You may stick to our procedures and methodology when it comes to assisting your child in connection to Brainobrain

• You may ensure that your child has a 100% attendance. Please do not take leave or remain absent unless it is really necessary.

• You may take part in all parent meetings as applicable.

• You may take part in Brainobrain National & Regional Competitions.

• You may seek answers for all your questions and clarifications. If you are clear, you will definitely help your child. So please ask questions!

• You can motivate your child whenever it is required and that gives the enthusiasm to perform

• You can appreciate your children and that urges them to look forward to their own success



Please tell me more about daily practice?

Brainobrain helps your child acquire valuable Brain skills and life skills. So it is really important that your child does daily practice for 15 minutes effectively everyday. In order to practice daily, we will be giving small home works so that the child can do them as advised. Say the child has to do some on Monday while some on Tuesday and likewise.

Brainobrain is such an enriching experience with lots of child centric activities spread over in all 10 levels aimed at providing a wholesome experience to our children. We have incorporated rich resources like NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Mental Gymnastics, etc

You may always assist your child in learning those personality development tools, puzzles in a way that you want to extend his learning. When it comes to Brainobrain abacus and other technicalities please do it the way we have given you the information.




After the completion of every level, your child is entitled for an International Certificate.

Towards the end of each level, your child will have a Model Exam.
After the same, your child will have the Main Exam. Based on the performance your child is now ready to learn the second level.

Apart from this, your child will also receive certificates based on the performance in the Regional & National Competitions – Brainobrainfests.



How do you check the quality?

We do strictly have a maximum of 15 kids in each batch to ensure individual attention. Our teachers will be in rapport with your children to support them in their learning.

We do have Back up System. Incase if your child requires additional hours of training (apart from the regular classes) we conduct back up classes for smaller groups of kids or at times even as a one to one, as required.

We have a Parent’s Feedback Form provided in all our books for you to fill it up and handover the same to your center at the end of each level. You will have the opportunity to express your views & doubts based on your child’s experience. You can also send us your views & doubts directly through email and we will get back to you.

We conduct Regional & National Competitions every year for your child to take part. Our competitions are a powerful experience which provides opportunities to learn valuable skills for life. During competitions, children experience unique training strategies which ensure a high quality performance.



Whether my child can participate in Camps?

We do conduct 5 day NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) leadership Camps for children periodically. Children have a unique experience And we do have a special pricing for Brainobrain children. Based on your interest you may take part them.

To know where our next camp is happening, you can check our website for the schedule.



What would be the improvements? What difference?

The Brainobrain course is a wholesome experience. It nurtures the mental formation of the child. Therefore children find amazing improvements in various aspects.

Children improve in their concentration, memory, listening skills, learning ability, creativity, imagination, self confidence, visualization, speed & accuracy, problem solving skills, mathematical proficiency and much more.

Their marks and grades go up in school. They develop a lot of skills, we otherwise do not address them consciously like concentration, memory, imagination etc

We do create awareness on the attitude. We have creative ways of helping your child understand how important it is to have a right attitude in life.

We do talk about exemplars around the world and get them modeling those key skills.

Be it the academics or artistic abilities or attitude or skills of life – We nourish them! Well, we cannot put them all in words! You got to experience!

We empower them with some of the world’s latest development tools and strategies preparing them for a bright future!



Will it help in academics and any other?

A 100% yes!
Brainobrain children enjoy a greater concentration and a powerful memory. They have a sharp increase in their observation, grasping and retention abilities. As a result they acquire better results with less effort.

Especially talking about academics, children enjoy the Brainobrain experience. There is no more hard work, it is just smart work. Kids spend less time but produce good results.

Low achievers become high achievers. They have new confidence and belief
system which helps them identify the leader in them!

Brainobrain makes and treats your child as a leader and not as a follower!



What is unique about Brainobrain Syllabus?

Brainobrain is the pioneer in the advanced abacus syllabus for its skill development programme.

Brainobrain advanced syllabus is a unique rhyme based curriculum which caters to all the basic senses of the learner like visual, auditory & kinesthetic, thus making it compelling.

In Brainobrain, the child works less and achieves more! This is due to the fact that the syllabus is not just mathematical; the focus is on empowering the child’s entire neural networks.

Brainobrain gives very little homework to kids. So children enjoy the whole process as it is not taxing.

Brainobrain’s syllabus is powerful enough to challenge the child’s mental capabilities and thus helping them attain a greater potential.

Brainobrain Syllabus is so unique that children have a all round development.

To put it in a saying, “We don’t give them fish; we teach them how to catch fish”.



Will children enjoy the program?

Children’s enjoyment is our top most priority! Anything that has an element of fun and learning will be well received by kids. Brainobrain has got many dimensions in its course which is absolutely kids friendly.

Our children make it a point to attend all classes with out fail. They really love Brainobrain and we do love them!



Does my child get individual attention?

Individual Attention is a key factor in Brainobrain. An ideal classroom is where a teacher matches her teaching styles to the individual learning styles of her children. So we really focus on your child and help him to blossom. 

Our batch size is a maximum of 15 children so that there is keener observation and feedback which ensures quality. And apart from that Brainobrain’s advanced syllabus has a lot of uniqueness. One of the features of our Brainobrain Syllabus is that the individual attention is really embedded in our curriculum.

We also offer back up classes for children in a small group or on a one to one basis, as and when required to clear their doubts.



How much I should wait to see a difference?

Brainobrain is a high quality program and if your child practices daily for 15 minutes, you will be amazed to see the changes gradually. The daily practice is mandatory to see the desired improvement. You can see noticeable changes in your child with in 6 months i.e., by the time he completes 2 levels. However, observant parents will be able to see subtle yet very valuable improvements much before too.



Can I transfer my child to some other Brainobrain Center?

Yes, of course! You may transfer your child from one Brainobrain center to another Brainobrain center under valid circumstances like having changed your residence or if you are moving to some other city etc, you may obtain a ‘Transfer Certificate’ from your old center. The same has to be produced to the new Brainobrain Center.



How much does it cost?


Equipment & fees:


Starting package price is 1.400 ‎Kč (abacus, book for 1st level, notebook, pencil, rucksack, t-shirt). Cost of books of further levels are 400 Kč.


Fees: 2.500 ‎Kč per month. 10% discount for siblings!