Brainobrain is one of the world’s leading children institutes for self-empowerment. Brainobrain operates globally and worldwide in more than 35 countries such as – UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Austria, Poland, France, Norway, Ireland, Sweden, Croatia, India … Brainobrain has more than 1000 successful franchise centers and has transformed the lives of more than 1,000,000 children all over the world with its high-quality programmes.


Brainobrain Courses:


This is a unique skill development programme, where we nurture the children’s brain to develop some of the foundation skills for learning such as Memory, Visualization, Concentration, Listening Skills, Learning Ability, Creativity, Self Confidence, Speed & Accuracy, etc.



Our Brainobrain Trainers:

Professionals with a high level of competency in their area of expertise

In addition to being very knowledgeable in their designated subject areas, our trainers receive continual training from us. They care about each student and strive to make the most progress, as quickly as possible.

  • They are college-educated and experts in their areas
  • They are certified by the Brainobrain Master Franchisee
  • They are trained by us for our programs
  • They love helping children succeed



Lidija Narashanova – Smilevska
Academy Director

Lidija has more than 30 years experience in School and Education Management. She graduated Pedagogy University (also graduated her Masters degree in school systems and their development), working as primary school teacher, professor, executive adviser, as well as coordinator of many USAID and EU Foundation programs for Ministry of Education and children development education programs.


“one the left”

Marie Zahálková
Academy Teacher

Marie has graduated Pedagogy degree at Karlova Pedagogy University in Prague, experienced primary teacher for more than 30 years. She has very big passion for children education and is certified Academy Teacher by the Brainobrain Kids Academy Private Limited.


@ “on the right”

Marketa Lejckova
Academy Teacher & Teacher Coordinator

Markéta has been a professional nanny for over 10 years and currently is studying pre-school pedagogy at VOŠ Svatojánská kolej, she has experience from cooperation with Síť MC (Network of Maternity Centers) and teaching in different kindergartens in Prague (currently working in LMŠ Velíček) and she had been a trainer of pre-schoolers in Sokol. She has great passion for children education and is certified Academy Teacher by the Brainobrain Kids Academy Private Limited.


@ “in the middle”

Ivica Pavlov
Master Trainer

Ivica is a Global Certified Master Brainobrain Trainer, functioning as Master Trainer in different European countries.


.. and last, but not the least:

Polina Reshetilo
Academy Teacher

Polina has international teaching experience, working as as language teacher, preschools and children educational centers teacher. From 2011 she was teaching in USA, Vietnam, Russia and now in Czech Republic. She is finalizing her Master’s degree in Teaching English and French. She has very big passion for children education and is certified Academy Teacher by the Brainobrain Kids Academy Private Limited.