Brainobrain is one of the world’s leading children institutes for self empowerment. It was established in 2003 with its HQ Office in India. The institution works under ISO 9001 : 2008 certification. We bring on board professionals with significant experience in children education and training. Brainobrain operates globally and worldwide in more than 28 countries such as – UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Austria, Poland, France, Norway, Ireland, Sweden, Cyprus, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Kuwait, UAE, India, Morocco,  Egypt, Thailand, Nigeria, Libya, Kosovo, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Zambia … Brainobrain has more than 900 successful franchise centers and has transformed the lives of more than 1,000,000 children all over the world with its high-quality programmes.






Brainobrain in the Czech Republic
In 2016 our company Brainobrain Czech s.r.o. has decided to bring the programme to the highly diverse and demanding environment of Prague. Prague is a multicultural setting, where multiple challenges make us look deep inside ourselves to follow the values and fairness we all stand for. These values and their recognition must be developed in young children as their brain centers undergo the crucial phase of development. Brainobrain Czech s.r.o. is the Master – franchisee in Czech Republic with headquarter in Prague for the World Children’s Academy-Brainobrain which the ISO9001: 2000 certification.


At the same time, we are proud to announce that Brainobrain is the first children academy for mental development in Czech Republic that uses advanced Abacus, Neuro Linguistic Programming & (NLP) Personality Development In Children’s IQ & Intelligence Development, which has been benefiting more than 1,000,000 children worldwide.


We will be operating in the wider Prague area. In September 2016 we started our classes in Prague 4 at Areál Vltavanů 229 and November 2016 in Prague 8 as the school Club at the Meridian International School. From mid of 2017, we plan to open centers in Prague 5, 10, 16 & Brno, Ostrava, Karlovy Vary (more information to be updated soon).



Find out more about Brainobrain training

Brainobrain is a world-renowned institution for children education. It has helped children develop their true potentials left behind in classic education for more than 10 years now. Brainobrain method enables children to use both brain hemispheres equally, enhancing their rational capabilities on the one hand as well as skills on the other, and to an equal extent.


Brainobrain method originates in India and has spread across the globe rapidly due to its simple way of learning and noticeable effects. Today Brainobrain has more than 900 successful franchise centers around the world, from 2016 also available in the Czech Republic.



Developing children’s intellect to undreamed – of dimensions
Our mission is to develop a child’s intellect in entertaining environment, adapted to brain development processes and, at the same time, to encourage children’s talents and discover their capabilities. We want to help raise children as leaders who are responsible for their own acts and their own lives, and care for their own behavior. Bringing out the real leader in our children is the hope for the future of this world.



Spread love, fairness, fun and happiness in each and every child in this world

Our vision is to remain a respected organization, worthy of its achieved international reputation in spreading four important values: love, fairness, fun and happiness. We support education based on heart culture.



Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission is to nurture the children of this world in bringing out the real leader in him/her, who are the hopes for the future of this world.


Our Vision is to become one of the admirable organisation in this world in spreading the values of love, honesty, fun, happiness through our children.


Our aim is to promote heart-based education for everyone all over the world.



Brainobrain Courses:


This is a unique skill development programme, where we nurture the children’s brain to develop some of the foundation skills for learning such as Memory, Visualization, Concentration, Listening Skills, Learning Ability, Creativity, Self Confidence, Speed & Accuracy, etc.,


Our Brainobrain Trainers:

Professionals with a high level of competency in their area of expertise

In addition to being very knowledgeable in their designated subject areas, our trainers receive continual training from us. They care about each student and strive to make the most progress, as quickly as possible.

• They are college-educated and experts in their areas
• They are certified by “Brainobrain Europe” is the Master Franchisee of Brainobrain Kids Academy Pvt.Ltd.”INDIA”for Europe Region, ISO9001:2000
• They are trained by us for our programs
• They love helping children succeed